Fine-Art, of what use is it?

“A must see, Matthew Moss’s Art Exhibition/Gallery reveals new sides to the International Irish artist whose history is still in the making”.

Do you require a digital version of one of Matthew’s artworks? The method is quite simple; Click on one of the artist’s image that might meet your requirements. He will deliver you a high-resolution digital Tiff file. You receive a fine art’s image using an app for uploading or transferring large files tp other computers with a dedicated file hosting service of your choice.

Fine–Art, What use is it? : The answer

In the nineteenth century the Pears Soap Company commissioned John Millais a Pre-Raphaelite artist to paint the famous ‘Bubbles’ showing a young boy blowing bubbles from a clay pipe. The painting was meant to be a transitory advertisement. Instead, it remains to the present day an illustrious work of art in its own right. Later, in 1898, a phonograph company commissioned the artist Francis Barraud to paint his terrier, Nipper, peering, curiously, into a gramophone horn from which a voice emerges. So popular was the painting that the phonograph company changed its name to the painting’s title, His Masters Voice, later HMV. Great artists commissioned by perceptive advertisers included Toulouse Lautrec, Gustav Doré, Piet Mondrian, Andy Warhol, and, the late Jean-Michel Basquiat. The power and the value of Fine Art images have long been recognized in the communications, advertising and publishing world.

Using Original Images to enhance your creative activity

For you, or your organisation Matthew’s rare and beautiful images [not just his, The Adventures of Rembrandt] can make an important contribution to your printed promotional and editorial project. Other possibilities include printed packaging and product design, calendars and book illustrations. Simply acquire the use of the image on a one-time, world-wide basis as a part of: printed advertising, printed editorial and printed promotional materials (including packaging) and social media including websites.

Matthew is constantly expanding his objet d’art making them available for use whenever or however you wish. In the coming year artist will add to the collection. Keep checking back here: to ascertainwhen we’ll be telling you some more about his new paintings that will be on display.


the Adventures of Rembrandt Matthew Moss